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The garden of Meishan San Su Shrine Museum is a classical garden in western Sichuan, a typical monumental garden of famous people in southwestern China. The overall layout of the garden is based on the culture of three Sus. The regular and natural layouts blend together, with red walls, lingering green water, bamboo, and well-arranged pavilions, presenting the characteristics of an isolated island paradise surrounded by water and bamboo. The garden is divided into two sides: the east side is within the area of the former residence of the Su family, which is a cluster of ancient buildings of the Qing Dynasty, with a simple and solemn garden style; the west side stands an amusement park, which focuses on the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and the overall style also inherits the tradition of classical gardens in Sichuan, with emphasis on natural wilderness.

The garden has nearly 50 mu of green space, 15 mu of water area, 54 old trees over 100 years old, including 5 Grade I protected trees, 2 Grade II protected trees, and 47 Grade III protected trees.