San Su Shrine Museum

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Free of charge in San Su Monument (closed on Mondays that are not holidays)

Reservation Instructions

I. Opening hours: Open from 9.00 to 18.00 every day, and no entrance after 17:30. 

II. Ticket Price: Standard ticket: 40¥ per visitor.One ticket per person, valid on the day issued. 

III. Preferential Policies

  1. The disabled and soldiers (including ex-servicemen, families of martyrs, families of servicemen killed in the line of duty and families of deceased soldiers) with valid documents enjoy free entrance. For the blind person and persons with severe physical, intellectual and mental disabilities, one companion is allowed for free entrance as well.

  2. The elders aged 60 and above enjoy free entrance with valid documents. 

  3. Free visit for minors.Children aged 6 and below or with a height of 1.3 m and below enjoy free entrance. They should be accompanied by guardian, and the guardian should buy tickets according to the rules.

  4. For group visit of university\middle school\primary school students, they should bring the introduction letter from the school, safety commitment letter and emergency plan, and apply for free visit at the security department on working days. The visiting time is only from Monday to Friday, except national holidays.

  5. Full time undergraduates and below enjoy half price with valid documents.

Valid documents includes: residental ID cards, driving licences, ID cards for the old, ID cards for officers or soldiers, student ID cards, work permits, disablity identification cards, passports, household registers.

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Tour Instructions

Dear visitors,

Welcome! Please read the following instructions carefully for enjoy a better visit.

  1. Please abide by the regulations, purchase tickets, and cooperate with the ticket verification in order. 

  2. Please go through your visit in order and observe the management rules and regulations of the scenic area.

  3. Please take care of public facilities and visit the area in a civilized manner. 

  4. To ensure your safety, please pay attention to the safety warning signs in the scenic area and do not deviate from the tour paths. 

  5. Please perform your duty to maintain a clean environment. Please do not smoke, spit, urinate or defecate, litter with fruit and melon rinds, packaging, chewing gum, and other wastes. 

  6. Please do not bring flammables or explosives, controlled knives, or pets into the scenic area. Unauthorized instrument playing, singing, physical exercise, or similar activities are forbidden.

  7. To avoid congestion and inconvenience to others and yourself, please do not sit and rest on narrow and dangerous paths.

  8. If caught in an emergency, difficulty, dangerous situation, or stranded during your tour, please call:

Tourist Tel.: 028-38220186

National Tourism Service Hotline: 12301

Complaint Hotline: 028-38235658

Rescue Tel.: 028-38226960

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